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S8 Galaxy was launched in Argentina: the 5 characteristics that stand out from the rest

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The new tank Korean Samsung is one of the best phones in the world. Worth it?

2016 had to be left behind Samsung. And Jav Abuse although the Galaxy S7 was a great phone, the Korean company wanted to forget the fiasco of Note 7 , the cellular explosive.

The company introduced in March two models of the Galaxy S8, common and + , two teams with excellent performance, design and features.

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Now they were filed in the country and, most importantly, prices were confirmed: some operators offer them , with credit, from $ 13,999 (S8) and $ 15,999 (the S8 +) .

The million dollar question is: is it worth paying that for a phone? Here we tell you what are the distinctive features of the latest phone from Samsung.

infinite Display

The S8 screen is huge, but that did not mean having to make a larger device. The front has almost no edges and button "home" is integrated into the display. It is all s…

Anger and denial of Jennifer Garner against People Magazine

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Through a message on Facebook, the actress accused the magazine of publishing a false article about her and her ex-husband, Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Garner burst of rage Jav Busty when he saw the magazine People had dedicated the cover of its latest edition. In the main article, the publication noted that the actress is not yet thinking about dating someone else since it was still loving  Ben Affleck .

Garner decided to disprove that story in a message posted on Facebook.

45 interpreter said not settled or made statements to the average quoted. "This is not a tragedy, but it does affect me and my family. I have not posed for the cover. I did not participate nor authorize this article , " said the movie star.

The number of this week's People featured a smiling Jennifer Garner with the words "Life After Heartbreak" (Life After separation) in an article detailing the life of the actress after her divorce with two - time Oscar winner.

The cover that both…

"Sgt Pepper's" Beatle turns 50: his great achievements

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His influence remains as current as at its premiere. It marked a change in recording técnias and was the first rock work to win a Grammy.

On this day, June 1, but in 1967, the Jav Nurse Beatles released their eighth album expected. It had been 10 months since the revolutionary Revolver , only publication 1966. It was a very hot day in London, but had not yet begun the summer, you might think that with the advent of " Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" started officially "summer of love" in San Francisco to explode.

Like everything around Liverpool band, there was great expectation among fans, press and colleagues. Everyone wondered what would bring between hands guys bump Liverpool after his last album, released a few days before the last show. With this concert, on August 29, 1966 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, The Beatles parted from touring after years of stadiums crammed with hysterical girls.

Finally, they had managed to get into studies to expe…